Grecia Gonzalez!

I love to make homemade squishies and collecting them too! I started to collect homemade squishies in 7th grade. It was a awesome hobby to have. It helped me to deal with any stress that I might have had. In addition, I make squishies by watching tutorials on Youtube. I buy my supplies and make a variety of them at home if i don't have many or am not able to buy my squishies.

I am in love with playing volleyball. If you knew me you would know that I usually play more than others would play. For example I play at least 3 times a week every week. I practice a bunch on my technique in order to make my volleyball team proud. I play for a team called Big City and it is amazing!!!

Lastly, I love to make diy's and other fun crafts especially when there are some type of holiday or occasion. I make some craft for halloween and christmas, etc. I even make/try out some life hacks that some people can use for different topics or issues. I want to help everyone while making them enjoy the content on my website(s).

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